After being presented for the first time last year, the  Asia Pacific Photobook Archive returns for its second year to PhotoIreland, bringing many new publications from this very prolific region, largely ignored in the West.

Co-ordinated by Daniel Boetker-Smith, the archive is the only dedicated library of photobooks from this region in the world. The organisation offers its open access collection in Melbourne, Australia, travelling internationally to promote the work of emerging and established Asia-Pacific photographers.

The list for this year:

A Field Guide to Camera Species, Darren Glass, 2009
Advanced Individuals Photographer, Ren Shulin, 2012
Antumbra, Solomon Mortimer & Zahra Killen-Chance, 2015
Any Lonely Person Write to Ponsonby, Harvey Benge, 2015
Apparitions, Kaamna Patel, 2014
Bag(h)dad, Aaron Claringbold
Bonnaparte Goleng No.1, Yuck Zine, 2015
Butterfly Had a Dream, Atsushi Fujiwara, 2011
Buxxom Grind, Dina Gadia, 2015
Da Qin Island, Luo Changwei, 2012
Daydream, Tomoaki Makino, 2011
Expat, Benjamin Füglister, 2010
Field Trip, Nicholas Hawker, 2013
Fugue, Czar Kristoff, 2015
Glass 2, Leon Qu, 2012
Gold, Sean Fennessy, 2013
Half and Half, Jippy Pascua, 2015
Hidden, Olivia Mroz, 2014
Island, Chie Murakami & Koichi Kamio, 2015
Lulu, Saori Ninomiya, 2014
Magic City #2, Daniel Milnor & Andrew Kaufman, 2015
Mono No.1, Erin Noir, 2015
Obsessed, Sun Yanchu, 2012
Odisi Romanso, Ridhwan Soldi
Outlander, Kate Molenkamp, 2014
Rust of Time, Liu Waitong, 2012
Shauna, Sean Lee, 2013
Silent Agreements: Marickville 45, Emmanuel Angelicas, 2015
Sing Woah Dough Lido, Camilo Bustamante, 2015
Sonny Boy, The Turtle, Charlie Hillhouse, 2015
Street Fighters, Wu Chenghun, 2012
Support Structures, Isabella Capezio, 2015
Thai Politics No.2, Miti Ruangkritya, 2014
Thai Politics No.5, Miti Ruangkritya, 2014
The Green Crescent Classifieds, Karl Binger, 2014
The Homeowners, Basilla Saturino, 2015
The Salaryman Project, Bruno Quinquet, 2013
Tomorrow Will Be Different, Matthew Griffin, 2007
Traces: Dark Clouds, Ian Teh, 2011
Ukiyo, Kanako Sasaki, 2011
Untitled, Nozomi Lijima, 2015
We Met a Little Early but I Get To Love You Longer, Raphella Rosella, 2014
Welcome Home, Yoshikatsu Fujii
You Are Here, Matt Naturani & Luke Van Aurich, 2014