Dublin 100 Years On is a collection of black and white street photography taken by Patrick Donald in Dublin 100 years after the Easter rising of 1916. His images convey how we are now living, looking, eating, and acting as well as quirky juxtapositions in his particular street photography style around the capital. The photographer is also interested in how people react to his camera in this time when almost everyone has one, and the images are then easily shared on social media for the world to see. A lot has happened in those 100 years, and it will be interesting to reflect and therefore appreciate these changes in a very poignant year in Irish history.

About Patrick Donald

Patrick Donald is a landscape and street photographer, shooting primarily in black and white. Based in Dublin, he shoots throughout Ireland for his landscape collection and travels to destinations around the globe making impromptu documentary style, often quirky compositions and portraits which gives us a very real sense of how generous of spirit people really are.

His gallery is selling these works as well as hosting the exhibition for this years PhotoIreland Open Program.