Perspective is the chosen theme for this year’s Dame Street Collective’s group exhibition From Where I Stand. Perspective is synonymous with outlook, standpoint, position, approach, and frame of reference. The artists included in this exhibition have taken this broad notion and applied it to their interpretation of the world around them. Whether it is exploring new lands, creating new worlds out of everyday objects or giving the viewer a glimpse into a personal point of view, the images on display seek to challenge the obvious. By presenting a fresh point of view we are pushing ourselves and the viewer to dig deeper and explore other possibilities. Whether it’s a Western perspective, a new way of looking at well known places or a journey to somewhere no-one has ever been before, the group result promises something interesting and diverse.

The participating artists are Stephanie Culbert, Karina Guinan, Jennifer Marie Sweeney, and Valerie Sweeney.

About The Dame Street Collective

The Dame Street Collective began as a group of photo enthusiasts brought together by their love of photography. Over months of conversation, the group solidified and the current members continue to grow as artists through outings, lectures and group critiques.
Each of them incorporate photography into their lives in different ways but they all continue to grow and experiment and amaze with their vision and dedication.